We can undertake various levels of design work according to your requirements:

Bespoke Design

We can manage the entire process, including the design and layout of the cover and the interior of your book. As part of this service we can scan original photographs and artwork, incorporate digital images into a custom-designed cover, type hand-written notes and/or manuscripts, and proof-read the final results. All these services are charged at our standard design rate. Bespoke Design is particularly suitable for those who have all their original materials in non-digital form (e.g. letters, photographic prints etc.), and do not have the facilities, computer expertise or time to scan or type them.  It may also be suitable for those who perhaps have a mixture of digital and non-digital materials and are not confident in putting these together in the required format, or for anyone who lacks confidence in their own design abilities and would prefer to hand over the entire process to our experienced graphic design team.

Custom Books templates

For customers who do not have the technical expertise to use today's complex design software but who would like to have an input into the design process, we have created  a selection of cover templates and chosen a range of fonts specially selected by us for their suitability for body-text and/or titles. These are displayed on our 'Suggestions' page.  We can incorporate any mixture of digital and ‘hard-copy’ materials into these template formats.  

Customer's Own Design

If you have a clear idea of how you would like the layout of your book to appear in terms of images, fonts, line and paragraph spacing etc., and have the facility and computer skills necessary to produce the appropriate file formats for cover and book interior, you can simply provide us with the necessary files. Ideally, we prefer Microsoft Word format for book interiors (book covers and interiors are printed separately).  This is the best option if you wish to keep the design costs to a minimum.

When saving your Microsoft Word file, please ensure that you select the ‘embed fonts’ option when you save the file. This will mean that any unusual fonts that you use will print correctly.

Customers can design covers using any graphics software such as Photoshop, Paintshop, CorelDraw etc. The ideal output format for cover artwork is 300-600dpi JPEG. If you provide us with the book option of your choice, e.g. 6" x 9" paperback, and the number of pages, we will let you know the correct dimensions for your cover image, thus enabling you to position your spine text correctly. We will then turn these files into the correct formats for process-printing.

Please email or phone to discuss your requirements