Please email or phone to discuss your requirements

Once you are happy with the proposed format and layout of your book, we will give you a quote and, upon acceptance, email you a PayPal invoice. The invoice can be paid with a credit or debit card or directly from a PayPal account. Please be aware that by making this payment you agreeing to our terms and conditions as set out below.

When confirmation of your payment is received we can commence work on your book. Before printing, we will email you a final proof. When this is approved, the printing process can begin. This normally takes 7-21 days.


All our proofs are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You can download a free version of Acrobat Reader here

A useful tip for viewing the interior of your book in Acrobat Reader : go to the view menu in Acrobat and select the page display flyout. Make sure both the Two-Up and Show Cover page During Two-Up items are ticked. This will ensure not only that you will be able to see pages 'Two-Up' (side by side) as they will appear in the printed book, but also that odd numbered pages are correctly positioned on the right and even numbered pages on the left. If these menu items are not available please download the latest version of Acrobat Reader from Adobe's site

Terms and Conditions
  • Whilst we endeavour to produce a bespoke cover design and layout that meets with your approval and are happy to accommodate minor changes, any additional design work beyond that specified in the original quotation is liable to be charged at our standard rate.

  • Unless you have specifically requested a transcription or proof reading service, the customer is entirely responsible for an errors or omissions in the book’s content. Please check your text very carefully before handing over any files. It is always recommended that a third party read through your text to check for mistakes and errors that you may have missed.

  • If there are any flaws in the manufacture of your books or they have been damaged in transit, we will endeavour to replace them as soon as possible.

  • Please be aware that the ink-based process used to print our books is entirely different to that used to display a PDF file on your computer screen. Whilst we believe that the PDF format will give you the best representation of how your finished book will appear, we cannot guarantee that colours, tones and definition of photographs and graphics will match exactly.

  • Although we recommend that all original materials are sent by insured post, we will not be held liable for the loss or destruction of any such materials over and above their insured value. Please ensure that any valuable materials are sent by registered and insured post and packed securely.